Property Self-Insurance

A variety of incidents can occur that may result in damage to or loss of University owned or leased property, equipment and facilities. The UCSF office of Risk Advisory and Insurance Services (RAIS) oversee the management of the Property Self-Insurance Program. This program protects the assets of the University by minimizing the financial impact of property losses and charges the campus risk management program with implementing prevention measures to control risk associated with the daily business activities of the University.

All property owned - or by written agreement, in the care, custody and control of the University - is automatically insured under the program, regardless of location and while in transit. Coverage is provided for all risks of direct physical loss or damage, except as excluded in the policy.

Some examples of the types of claims, which may be covered, include:

  • A University-owned computer is stolen from a locked office.
  • A storm breaks windows in an office resulting in damage to equipment and furniture.
  • A pipe burst in a ceiling resulting in water damage to the building.

UCSF departments may file a claim to replace equipment or repair damages sustained to building structures and/or property contents. All claims filed through the property program are subject to a deductible for each occurrence based on the cause of loss or damage.

Report an Incident

Please report all incidents of theft and vandalism to UCPD within 24 hours.

Please contact RAIS within 48 hours for incidents that result in significant damage and/or create unsafe conditions. RAIS will work with the University's Third Party Administrator to investigate and determine appropriate coverage.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact Aracely Nunez, Property and Auto Risk Analyst at 415.514.2869.