Litigation Management

Risk Advisory and Insurance Services (RAIS) serves as the coordination point for all liability claims made by outside parties against UCSF. If the cause of action(s) in the lawsuit falls under the General and Employment Liability (GAEL) program, RAIS has responsibility for management of the lawsuit at the campus level. RAIS contacts the affected department or school representative to inform them of the claim, provides assistance and coordinates activities with them throughout the legal process and case defense, as well as with Office of Legal Affairs, Office of General Counsel, and Office of the President Risk Services.

In general, the GAEL program covers tort actions resulting from negligent acts and omissions of the Regents and its employees. Examples of claims include injuries or death sustained by a third-party as a result of a dangerous condition of public property, such as slips-and-falls, as well as vehicle accidents and employment practices (i.e. discrimination, harassment, etc.) actions.

If someone attempts to serve you or someone in your department with a lawsuit against UCSF, contact Risk Advisory and Insurance Services immediately. You are not an authorized agent of service for the University, and should not accept service or allow legal papers to be left with you. You can only accept service if you are specifically named an individual defendant.

For questions about litigation relating to Employment Practices Liability or General Liability claims, please contact John Toal.

For questions relating to Medical Center PL/Malpractice claims, contact the Medical Center Risk Management office at 415.353.1842