Guidelines for Alcohol at University Events

Event organizers are encouraged to promote practices that will support responsible behavior at all events where alcohol is served. When hosting such an event, be sure to abide by all University policies (see UCSF policy number 200-31) and applicable laws.

Please also review Supply Chain Management policies on Meals and Entertainment:

Please utilize the following guidelines to help you host a successful and safe event:

It is preferred that you hire a licensed, insured Bartender/Server trained in safe alcohol service. If you are going to buy alcohol and serve it yourself on UCSF premises, you must have permission from the owner of the space you will be using and you must have permission to serve alcohol from your Administrative Director or Dean.

  1. If you have a cash bar, use tickets. Don't price alcohol too low as this can encourage heavy drinking.
  2. Provide a range of low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks to your guests.
  3. Provide a variety of food items for your guests. The consumption of food slows down the absorption of alcohol. But limit salty foods, as they increase thirst.
  4. Close your bar well before the scheduled end of the party.
  5. Station the bar in a spot where people aren't continually passing it.
  6. Serve drinks to guests rather than offering a self-serve bar.
  7. Ensure that only authorized persons have access to the bar area or where drinks are being served.
  8. Don't have servers circulate around the reception area refilling attendee's glasses.
  9. Don't raffle alcohol or hold contests that involve buying, drinking or winning alcoholic drinks.
  10. Create rules for handling intoxicated guests in advance including having a "designated driver".

If you have further questions regarding liability for university-sponsored events, please contact Meg Cody, Contracts Officer.

Alcohol Policy