Is that Country Safe? Find Out by Using the UC Travel Information Portal

Small man figurine on a large paper map.Going on a business or personal trip? Get global travel advice regarding security, transportation, health-related issues, cultural affairs, etc. with this pre-trip planning resource. UCSF Risk Management & Insurance Services has partnered with UCOP and our travel partners to provide a pre-trip planning resource that provides information concerning questions such as: 

  • Is there civil unrest in the country I am visiting?
  • Is it safe to drink the water in this country? 
  • What social customs do I need to be aware of? 

Global travel tips concerning security, health, culture, transportation, legal, financial and language are readily available by using your MyAccess Single Sign-On password. Also, look for the link on the UCSF MyAccess page under "Pre-Trip Planning." If you book your trip through travel through Connexxus or UC Travel, you will be automatically enrolled. Otherwise, please register your trip manually at the UC Trips registration website. This will ensure that the University and our travel partners can provide you with information and services important to your security, health and safety, both before and during your travels.